• Top Tips for getting the most from Twitter
    Jan 10, 2014

    1. Use Twitter Search to find relevant discussions

    Go to http://search.twitter.com and search under your company name or relevant keywords (products, services you provide).
    - If you find anyone talking about your company or your service / product, click on their profile and follow them. Send them a reply if necessary (complaint or testimonial).

    2. Find local users to follow

    Using Twitter search type near:Dublin (or whatever county you wish) and this will display tweets from users near this location. You can narrow down your location further by displaying tweets within x miles from your chosen location e.g. near:Dublin within:25mi

    3. Tweet, re-tweet and communicate

    Put up at least one tweet daily and get involved in ongoing conversations with other users. Share blog posts and use link shorteners like Bitly to effectively use the 140 characters. Re-tweet updates that might be interesting to your followers. 

    4. Follow influential people

    Twitter is a water cooler for journalists, newscasters, radio DJs, and celebrities. One re-tweet from someone with many followers could provide a big boost to your business. 

    5. Improve the click-through rate

    - Write Tweets between 120 and 130 characters. 
    - Place links about 25% of the way through
    - Choose the right words and phrases (good – Via, @, RT, Please, Check, bad - @AddThis, Marketing)
    - Use actions words – more verbs, fewer nouns (adverbs like beautifully, quickly, steadily, verbs like check out)
    - Tweet on the weekends (tweets posted on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays get a higher CTR)

    - Source for #5 - Get Elastic


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