• 6 Reasons Google+ Hangouts is Better than Skype
    Apr 29, 2014


    Skype has been the ubiquitous video chatting technology since they launched in August 2003. For those who use VOIP (voice-over IP) technologies frequently, Skype has even entered the lexicon as a verb. 
    However, in May 2013, a worthy competitor emerged in Google’s Hangout service. Having used both technologies, we believe Google+ Hangouts is a superior service. 

    Here are our top 6 reasons why Google+ Hangouts beats Skype. 

    1. Group Video Conferencing

    Hangouts allow video chats with up to 10 people at a time for free, and 15 if you are a Google+ premium user. Skype allows up to 25 users but at least one user must be subscribed to Skype Premium.

    2. Better Call Quality 

    In our experience, Skype can be unreliable in terms of call quality. Hangouts does not seem to have the bandwidth problems that Skype often has with multiple users.

    3. Non-video Participants can Call in

    Hangouts is now integrated with Uberconference. This allows non-video participants to call a specific conference number and join the chat with video participants. However, the quality of the service for the person calling in can be a unreliable at times. 

    4. Screen Sharing

    This is particularly useful for project meetings. We can share screens and work through an issue, which saves a lot of time. Skype offers screen sharing one-to-one but for group screen sharing, you must sign up for Skype Premium. Hangouts allow you to screen share to a large group for free.

    5. Google Docs Integration

    This is great for project meetings as participants can open, discuss and edit documents in real time.

    6. Ease of Use

    Skype requires installation of its program and each time you need to make a call, you have to launch Skype. Hangouts doesn't require program installation. Simply install a web browser plugin and you can call from Gmail or Google+ on all devices.

    Bonus Google+ Hangouts Feature

    - Google+ Hangouts On Air lets you stream live to your YouTube channel or to your website, broadcasting to an unlimited number of people (while only 10 people can participate).

    Outstanding Issues with Google+ Hangouts

    Incoming Calls: With Google+ Hangouts, you don’t always know when someone is calling. You have to set it up. With Skype, incoming calls are clear.

    Phone-in quality: The quality of the service for participants phoning in can be a little patchy. 


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